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Re: [tor-talk] alt-svc supported by TBB

On Tue, 18 Sep 2018 at 20:59, TNT BOM BOM <bo0od@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> whythe hell would anyone use anything from Cloudflare with Tor???

Well — speaking as the former guy from Facebook who built facebookcorewwwi
and helped standardise ".onion" as an official TLD, in order that the
Facebook Onion SSL Certificate could continue to exist, I feel uniquely
qualified to answer this one.

The answer is: I understand that historically the Tor community has had a
lot of hatred for [various companies] for making use of [the related
websites] harder, over Tor; a lot of the actions of the companies came out
of (a) a place of fear and misunderstanding, plus (b) a sense that "civil
society / tor only ever criticise and hate-on us, so why should we bother
doing anything to help them?"; combined with bits and pieces of political &
protest rhetoric.

I personally believe that a lot of this attitude can be laid at the feet of
former members of the core Tor team who are thankfully no longer so.

As I fought (and won) the argument within Facebook, the important thing to
do is ignore the anger and vitriol, and instead to focus on the people
whose lives will be improved by making better access over Tor:


...and I have been preaching this gospel, every single week, since I left
Facebook in 2016 due to burnout and other reasons.

So, in a nutshell, the reason for Tor to engage with Cloudflare and
Facebook is... because Cloudflare and Facebook want to engage with Tor.
Maybe some folk disagree on corporate value propositions, or the value of
services provided, but underneath it all: the more people who use Tor, the
better.  And these corporations — in defiance of popular opinion — really
do care about the security and safety of people who access their services.
Tor helps with that.

That's why.

    - alec

ps1: anyone who wants to argue this matter ("zomg evil corporations!!1!")
is invited to email me directly, I am not going to argue attempted
point-scoring within this thread.

ps2: my latest video may be of interest:

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