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Re: Here it is!

At 10:39 AM 4/1/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Libraries. Don't be too specific. ELF is good for Linux and BeOs, but
>really bad for Win etc.

I'm concentrating on Linux right now. :-) That's why i said ELF.  For
windows it would be DLL.  For dos...well hehe dunno yet. ;-)

>Do *not* write drivers. It's absolutely unneccessary and out of place.
>Drivers - if done right - have to run in kernel space and PPlay is no
>Kernel extension. And writing PPlay sound card drivers would mean
>reinventing the wheel by 100%. There are already drivers for all soundcards
>(where specs are available) out there. And they are as good as they can be.

Been addressed several times.  If/When it happens, it will eb far down the
road. By drivers, i was using the term generically anyhow, hence my
quotation marks.  I meant access on the low-level by the library and not
use the OSS and ALSA API.  Driver was the best word I could think of at the
point in the day. :-)

>Nope. Try get info on the SB Live for example. Fortunately Creative is
>writing drivers for that.

I meant most - not all.  You statement about Creative however is news and
supports and argument I made with someone some weeks ago about driver
support from Linux.

>Do you know GGI's "target" concept? LibGGI for example supports XLib,
>fbcon, kgi, DGA, svgalib, aalib etc as targets. That means you draw to a
>GGI surface and LibGGI translates the stuff for the best target available.
>PSound sould have OSS and ALSA as targets. And later also DirectSound etc

I had not thought about it that way,  but, it sounds like a good idea.

BTW, what is our liscensing in use currently? GPL? LGPL? Our own?