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Re: sound header

 > >14) Provide functions to compress sound so that  it may be sent across the
 > network/internet in
 > >smaller form,to make more efficient use of bandwidth. 2.0
 > >  Any number of compression algorithms could be used...several should be
 > due tot he fact that
 > >some will use the CPU more than others.  This would be useful to users who
 > have higher or lower
 > >speed CPUs and higher or lower speed access to the network.
 >  Yep. This may also require some interfacing to the network parts of
But maybe not.  If everything is designed to use a nice stdio, or
iostreams like stream mechanisms, we can happily layer streams from
indpenent componenet till the cows come home.

 > btw, I can contribute to the dolby & 3d sound stuff, as well as the audio
 > codec for the
 > voice communication stuff, as well as generic sound codec handling.