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Re: Homepage and CVS

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> >I guess the current setup is just  somelike: 
> >ln -s ~cvsroot/penguinplay/www ~/public_html
> Hmmm, right. Didn't think of that...
> >Where do you think it should go, ftp space?
> Somewhere accessible vial ftp or rcp or so.


> >The autogenerated docs don't need to be in the CVS, a sym link or URL
> >would do the trick.
> We have ftp write access, but AFAIK we can't access www space with that.
> Can you take care of this?

What exactly do we need?  Maybe their is a way to map ftp files into the
web space as well as mapping cvs static html/text files?

Maybe we can symlink cvs files into the new ftp www space.  Or have some
sort of auto export function.


PS: Towards the end of April until middle/end of June, it's likely I'm
going to drop out of sight. (Might even unsubscribe.)  The unfortunate
nature of my exams this year is going to require a lot of time.