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PenguinFile usable

Hi folks,

The following PenguinFile API functions now work with both normal files and
files contained in PakFiles:

ppfOpen ()
ppfReopen ()
ppfClose ()
ppfFlush ()
ppfSeek ()
ppfTell ()
ppfRead ()

ppfWrite () only works with normal files.

ppfSetGameDataDir (), ppfMountPak () and ppfUmountPak () work.

All other APi functions will give you a nice segfault when called (that's
simply because they're not implemented yet. Implementing is not difficult
however (mostly copy-and-paste from the existing ones), but I'm going to a
LAN session in some minutes... ;)

Well, that means that PenguinFile's PakFile support is now in the "usable"

For an introduction see the PenguinFile Docs, available at
(html, postscript and docbook versions). The Docbook source is of course
also in PPlay cvs (/Documentation/PenguinFile/).

Have Fun



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