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Re: PPlay Release

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>PS: Jan, are you subscribed to the main PPlay list? We need your voice on
>>the license issue. So far everyone voted for X.
>I assume this 'Jan' could be me, so I reply... :-)

AFAIK you're the only 'Jan' here ;)

>Well, I don't know about the different licenses. The only one I've ever
>read is GPL/LGPL. Zombie is now under GPL, and I have the copyright notice
>in every damn file, so I hope GPL is compatible with what was decided
>upon. I do read this list, but do not participate in the discussions that

Well, GPL is compatible with very much nothing. The X license essentially
says "do anything what you want with the code, but give us credit".
More or less the least-trouble license.



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