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Re: PPlay Release

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>Well, unfortunately a bad license choice can make all coding effort void.

>I kind of agree with your points, but I still think we should try to put
>together some code first. I'm anyway so much egocentric that if someone
>uses my code to create the next Quake or Gran Turismo (has sold 6.2 M
>copies) they at least must _credit_ me somewhere...
>What's wrong with LGPL, btw?

Well, it's mainly two points. First, I know it permits linking of LGPL'd
code to proprietary code - but after reading through it I can't tell you
*where* it says this. And secondly it only barely allows it, i.e. when
linking a LGPL'd library to proprietary code you have to be very careful to
not suddenly violate the LGPL.

>Has anyone here btw played chess on 'FreeChess.org'? The server has a
>quite nice system where you log into it, chat with people, seek games,
>observe other games, finger people, participate in tournaments etc. It

Nope. From home it's too expensive (pay-per-minute phone fees) and at Uni I
usually don't have the time.
Oh, I also didn't know it yet ;)

>should be a few days work to create a similar with Zombie. Nicest would of
>course be if the system could be made totally general and modular so that
>it could easily be adapted for any kind of game which needs a central
>'meeting place' of some kind. Anyone interested in doing or doscussing
>something like that?

Sounds interesting.



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