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Re: PPlay Release

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

> > Is the TODO list up-to-date?
>Yes.  There but might be completed, or now-irrelevant items on it.
>(Not that many since I did a clean out recently.)
>However, most of my current worries about pg2d are expressed on the
>TODO list, if that is what you mean by up-to-date.

Yep. good.

>Mind you, when I wrote that message I was expecting to have to
>spend the weekend fixing and debugging pg2d, just to get my
>old demo to work.  I got a pleasant surprise.

Cool. Are the fixes already in cvs?

>> Is it sorted by priority?
>No.  My actual current priority is to get a more ambitions test
>program to work.  I might scrap that if work on this demo
>game starts soon enough.

Well, I'm quite familiar with ppg2d's internals, but not with its usage ;)
Again, some demo code showing (and documenting) the most simple case would
be helpful.

Anyway, I'll do an update of my tree now and see what I can do.



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