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Re: PPlay Release

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>starting to feel quite unwelcome here, so maybe I should drop out of
>>PP entirely? Less fights that way.
>I apologize if we somehow made you feel unwanted. It's great to have you
>with us. Really. We just tried to get that license problem out of the world
>(expr?) and perhaps we lacked some tact. If you feel we're trying to seize
>control over Zombie or something like that, please tell us.

No apologizes needed. Basically I don't care if people try to influence
Zombie. Hmm, well, yes it does really matter, I'd like people to get
involved. I have worked very hard with Zombie in '99 after a long period
of nothingness, but now my energy is running low. I've managed to hack
together what I call a 'package' but which apparently isn't that good.
I've the last week(s) worked a little bit on using autoconf to solve
problems related to compilation etc., but it just doesn't work the way I'd
like it to work. Basically I'm getting a mild 'burnout' about the whole
thing, and this license-discussion was a bit too much. I'd like to get
feedback about the whole damn thing, but I can't get that before I've
managed to create a good package which can be officially announced and
used and people can try it out. It's a 'Catch 22'-situation... 

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