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Re: PPlay Release

On Sun, 25 Apr 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>>>BTW: egcs 1.1.x still has problems with template functions
>>But it can at least link them without problems. I know there are some
>Only if you use them in the same source file. If you want to implement them
>in one file and use them in another (both compiled seperately), you'd need
>to use the "export" keyword - which egcs doesn't support yet.

Hmm? I don't get that. So you mean that I can't create a templatized
'btree' in the files 'btree.h' and 'btree.cpp' and then use it in a file
'use_btree.cpp' by just including 'btree.h' and linking in 'btree.o'?
Weird. I do this all the time with Zombie. Please don't tell the compiler
that it really can't do what it does... :-)

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