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Re: PPlay Release

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>That's a template *class*, not a template *function*. I *think* there's a

Probably is. Missed the word 'function'. But, egcs seems to handle
everything I try to use, so that will be enough for me.

My hacked autoconf now seems to do most of what I currently think it
should do. I think it detects much of the stuff that could be missing, as
well as check some compiler capabilities. Makefiles are now also
generated. Some minor issues still need to be solved:

- is '--sysconfdir' normally what we think of as '/etc'?
- should the rc-script be installer in --sysconfdir (if it's /etc), should
I try to find where other similar scripts are (currnt behaviour) or should
I install under $prefix/etc or --sbindir? The available '--foodir' are a
bit too restrictive, IMHO.

So far so good. I hope I newer again need to go through this minor h*ll of
trying to figure out autoconf. There should be some kind of tool for
automatically configuring autoconf too...

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