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Re: I need more Time

rune@myrland.com wrote:

>I could use this as an argument internally for taking on some of the site admin
>chores. Don't know yet if this is a real option though, neither for PPlay or the
>company I work for. I am just thinking loud here.

No, I don't think this would gain us very much. The things I want to get
rid of are not only the site admin duty, but also stuff like preparing
packages, announcing releases, maintaining the build system, maintaining
the lib's internal helpers (debugging macros etc).

I think the main issue is that it's very tiring to have to handle
*multiple* jobs, each with its own set of problems to care about etc. Task
switching on that scale is difficult for my poor brain :)

And, well, it would be somehow nice to be a member of a busier project,
with more people to discuss things etc. I know that PPlay *could* be busier
if I invested more time in it. Well,
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