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Outsource your technical support

Introducing http://www.callsupportnow.com

so you don’t want to outsource your technical support on an economically
intelligent basis.


Continue to have your employee’s slave away 24/7, attempting to answer
questions they don’t have the solutions to, and continue to drain your
human and economic resources for technical support.

But, if you call us, we will show you a better way that will make you look
like a hero, make everybody’s life better and enhance your company’s
bottom line.

CallSupportNow.com is revolutionizing the technical support and help desk
With unlimited use, fixed price technical support.

We are the only company in existence today, which offers a toll-free
software helpdesk hotline 24/7/365 with unlimited technical phone support,
at one low monthly fixed price, as low as $15.99/month/user.

Every corporation, and small business in America with a PC needs to become
a member. The average organization pays $7000 per year per PC to support
an end user, plus countless expensive internal hours of lost productivity,
when your key technical personnel spend all their time assisting users,
instead of focusing on their own work.

CallSupport.com membership cards support almost every commercially popular
software application available today including Microsoft 2000 products and
the leading real estate software:

·	Microsoft Word
·	Microsoft Excel
·	Microsoft Outlook
·	Adobe Products
·	Norton Anti Virus/Utilities
·	Browsers Explorer and Netscape
·	Home Office Quicken and Money
·	Mac or PC
·	Hundreds of software titles supported
·	Installation, configuration and system set up
·	Tutorial assistance to bring you up to speed
·	Navigational assistance for on-line services
·	Problem identification and resolution on supported products
·	Provide monthly management reports so you can monitor your important

Presently, CallSupportNow.com spreads the fixed costs over 200,000 users
to deliver high quality technical support at a fraction of the cost of an
in-house help desk. Large, small and even individual users can benefit.

What’s more, when you sign up your employees for CallSupportNow.com
membership they will receive instant activation, even before they receive
their membership cards. They can call the toll-free hotline help desk as
soon as they receive their order confirmation e-mail! Help is literally
minutes away!

Visit http://www.callsupportnow.com and find out about:
·	Instant Activation
·	Unlimited usage, fixed cost service, help desk hotline.
·	Support available anytime, anywhere 24/7/365.
·	Low monthly subscriptions from $15.99 per month/user.
·	Commit on a monthly basis no annual contract needed.
·	Toll-free phone support.
·	Membership card with unique PIN coded access.
·	Add or subtract users on a monthly basis.
·	Monthly performance and activity reports (corporate users only, minimum
25 users).
·	RealEstateSupportNow.com support for all the major brands of real estate
software for real estate professionals who demand the best!
·	Integrate our services seamlessly into your existing support

Thank you for your time,


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