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Re: I resign

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>Also I am still listed as the team leader for PenguinNet. I have not yet
>>decided what to do about this, it's still an interesting project but I don't
>>think I'll have the time to actively code anything. So maybe somebody that
>>could become more involved would like to sign up for this as well (Jan ?).
>Maybe, maybe not. Only problems are that I'm not exactly sure of what
>needs to be done and what the ultimate goals for 'net are. I don't think I

Remember the responses to your Zombie resignation mail? I think those are a
good start. Reflect about the ideas expressed in them, about what networking
is used for in the different kinds of games, about the special requirements
of the different kinds of games, about what kind of toolkit would be most
Post your ideas to the list for discussion - there *are* interested people

>have the necessary skills to create something that fulfills all needs of
>all types of games/apps.

In other words: you don't think you have the skills to make it perfect ;)
There's a nice saying about perfection: "You cannot reach it, but you can
come closer than anyone else". I think that also applies here. And I am
sure that you *do* have the skills to make PNet better than anything else.


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