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Re: I resign

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>>>Maybe, maybe not. Only problems are that I'm not exactly sure of what
>>>needs to be done and what the ultimate goals for 'net are. I don't think I

>There are so wildly many different aspects to implementing everything
>needed in a networking toolkit. That was something wich became evident to
>me when I read some of the comments I got when I told I'd stop developing
>Zombie. As I'm no professional game-developer and I've never run into the
>situations where that kind of functionality is needed, the more advanced
>funtionality is missing. The question is AFAIK about the 'level' of the
>toolkit. Should it be really high-level (Z is quite high), or should it
>merely be a simple and fast abstraction over sockets?

Hmm, you know that I'm a fan of high level libs, so I might me "biased" in
this area. The main problem I see with a low level approach is that there
just isn't much to abstract away with sockets. I think the usefulness of
such a lib would be pretty minimal.
So I'd go the high level way.


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