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Re: Ok, ok, stupid idea!

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>>>What I mean by this is that A) all projects in PPlay should follow the
>>>paradigm of interface design B) if something is done in one way in one

>>Forget it.

>I'm wondering exactly what the P2D, P3D, PSound etc. projects will do then?
>I mean, the people already working at the libs we're going to use probably
>is alot more qualified than any of us to program *their* lib.

Quite much actually.

The one part is to use the libs, give feedback to their authors and
(perhaps) integrate them all into one build system (?). This would be very
similar to what is done at Debian.

The other part is to code. Missing features of the libs, new libs for
things that just aren't covered yet, replacements for really bad or
abandoned libs etc.


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