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Re: Update

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>When I try to compile PFile, my compiler hangs. Yes, that's right,
>hangs. I have to stop it manually, and then the files it was compiling
>will be locked for a minute or so. Veeeeeery annoying.

Ouch :(

>Anyway, finding the *exact* cause is damn well near impossible, as I
>have to wait 1 minute each time I try something... (the compiler locks

Can you narrow it down to a single source file?

>the files, and as it has hung, it doens't unlock them again). It think
>it has something to do with classes that derived from templatized
>classes that derive from yet again templatized classes. I'm positive
>it's templates and derivation that is the problem.

That'd mean the Iterator and evtl the FSEntityContainer classes...

>I have an example of this bug, where switching the order of two (totally
>unrelated) class declarations will make an error move from one class to
>the other.


>Right now, I'm in the process of downloading service pack 3 for Visual
>Studio (a hefty 91 MB). Should be done today or tomorrow. Really sucks


>Anyway, I really hope the service pack will eliminate these issues. If
>it doesn't, it may not be worth the trouble to support MSVC++ 5.0

I don't like the thought, but I also certainly don't like the idea of
having to work around these bugs. Sigh.
Can you commit the updated VC++ project files & smaller fixes so that Peter
can try it with VC++ 6?


Daddy what does "FORMATING DRIVE C" mean?