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Re: Bad news (was Re: Update)

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:
> >> Can you commit the updated VC++ project files & smaller fixes so that
> >>Peter can try it with VC++ 6?
> >>
> >Right now, I can't even compile the thing, much less build it, so
> >testing my settings is a bit hard...

> At least you know what files to compile.

> >What do you want it to be? I can certainly make it build to an .exe (if
> >I could build it at all). I haven't ever used DLLs though, so I haven't
> >a clue as to how to get MSVC to generate those.
> Peter? You already built a DLL, right?

I submitted some msvc project files to cvs that build dlls. There might
be a few that build static libraries as well. They might not export all
the necessary symbols.They might have been generated by version 6.0 but
they should still work with version 5.0.

ps. I removed the *.def from EXTRA_DIST. I don't think those files were
really needed. I think I added them thinking that it would make things
easier not realise that make dist would fail if no .def files were

Peter Burns