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Re: Good New (was Re: Bad news (was Re: Update))

Peter Burns wrote:

>> >> >> Can you commit the updated VC++ project files & smaller fixes so that
>> >> >>Peter can try it with VC++ 6?
>I took the stuff from cvs on monday night and after hacking Win32.cpp
>into shape got it to compile under VC++ 6. I haven't attempt to compile
>the tests yet. 
>The problems I found in Win32.cpp were:
>- attempts to delete const char* 

Should be fixed now

>+ changed type of ppfDirEntry.Name to char* and used Strdup when
>assigning from  
>  const char*'s

I left it at const char * (it's accessible by users, so const char * is
safer) and used const_cast in the internal code to handle the conflict.
That's ok in this situation.

>- default arguments to implementation of methods.

Where? I couldn't find that.

>- some warnings about PP_EXPORT being in an unexpected place.

There should be *no* PP_EXPORT usage in Win32.h
Everything in Win32.cpp is internal code, using C++ conventions.

Can you try again?


Backup not found: (A)bort, (R)etry, (P)anic