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Re: PSound updates

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> I saw you updated some PSound files, Peter. Have you also had a look at the
> 0.1pre1 tarball I uploaded? And how's the Win32 compile doing?
> Sorry for the nagging, but those are points where I'm rather dependent on
> you, and I'd really like to get the release out.
>         Christian

I made some fixes to PSound. There was a bug in the AudioToFile which
meant that it would seqfault on destruction if using threads. I forgot
to stop the thread before I delete the buffer that it used to mix with.

I also had a look at PFile and got it to compile under MSVC5.0. I upload
the changes that I made to cvs. The problem was due to the iterators in
Directory.h. MSVC5.0 will hang if you subclass a template type inside a
namespace (the same thing occurs with my factory classes). There was
also a problem with overiding iterator::Get with a function that only
differed by the return type (the only difference was that some versions
returned const types).

I haven't tested it yet.

Peter Burns