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Re: Win32 PFile Changes (was Re: PSound updates)

Peter Burns wrote:

>>Dir->Entry->Name is of type const char * here.
>>Perhaps you changed that before to work around different constness problems?
>I must have changed it. It seems strange to me to delete a const char*.

Right. Adding casts.

>>>>>* In Win32.cpp: ChdirPlain () always gets a native path as input. That's
>>>Going through with the debugger reveal that it receives a string like
>>Then that's a bug in the calling code. <looking>
>>This is the only code calling ChdirPlain (in FileGlobalData::SetCWD ()):
>I think previously the path wasn't converted ToNative before calling ChdirPlain.
>It may be that the modifications to ChdirPlain are not necessary anymore.

Hmm, you tested that with the "old" URLInfo::ToNative () IIRC.
Theoretically it should work now.

>The FileGlobalData construction sequence seems to have a few problems for
>I think it happens in FileGlobalData::SetCWD.

Which calls ToNative (), which should have been the source of the errors.

>>Ummm, yes. Good.
>>To be true I don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about ;+)
>>When reading "clan" I thought of either some network session or a family
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Aaahhhh, ok.


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