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More PFile fixes

Ok, my test code (src/tests/pfile_pak.cpp) now

(1) creates a new PakArchive
(2) Adds some files and subdirs
(3) umounts/mounts it again (i.e. deserialization code is excercised)
(4) gives a directory listing of the contents
(5) reads one of the files and prints a hex view of the first 8 bytes

That excercises most of the code. Pierre, if you want to play a bit with
PFile, now is a good time to start IMHO (should I upload a snapshot to

The next days I plan to :

(1) Fix the "nuisance" entries in the TODO. Should be only very simple

(2) Implement recursive copying for ppfCopy (). Right now ppfCopy () can
only copy single files (one per call). Recursive copying will make stress
testing a *lot* easier ;)

(3) Go a bit over the the code comments, add the proper doxygen tags etc.
They're a bit chaotic right now...


Daddy what does "FORMATING DRIVE C" mean?