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Re: Questions about PenguinPlay

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

>Are most of the libs there c++ class libraries? It seems
>so though I may be wrong.

Are you talking about the parts of LibPenguinPlay or the other libraries
that exist out there?

LibPenguinPlay is only part class library. It's internally object
oriented C++ and PenguinSound also has an OO C++ API, but PenguinFile has a
plain C API.

About the other libs: I'd say there's still more procedural libraries out
there, although object oriented ones are on the rise (especially for higher
level tasks)

>What about licensing? I would have expected it to be
>listed on the website but it doesn't seem to be.

Good point. Thanks for the note.
We use the XFree license for LibPenguinPlay. It essentially says "You may do
what you whant with the code, as long as you give us proper credit".


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