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Re: PFile problems

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> Excellent! The best interface (on Linux) is that of being able to
> select()/poll() on the file handle. This enables very easibly both ways
> of playing sound (threaded or not), as the programmer can either
> select() with a zero (or appropriate for his application) timeout to do
> it synchronously only when needed, *or* he can spawn a thread that will
> go in an endless loop of select() with a -1 timeout and calling the
> mixer.

Would you like to modify AudioToFile::MixerThread(), to do this instead
of what
it currently does? At the moment it's simply a while loop.
> I think you can map this to some kind of "objects" on Win32

Win32 has "I/O completions" or something like that. They are basically
an object that does something when a read or write has finished. I think
you can set it up to either call a function or trigger an event.

Peter Burns