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Re: IRC meeting (was: Game developer tools...)

> In my opinion we should have a PPlay list only one first, and a
> larger meetingshould be an agenda item.  I really don't think we should have a big
> press conference
> and find we have nothing to say.
> So lets start an agenda:
>     1)  Larger meeting.
>     2)  Existing, available tools.
>     3)  Is the sound team still alive?  (well, is it?)
>   whate else?

That sounds pretty good. 

A good thing would be to find out what and where available tools are
located.  I can package them up in RPM format.  These tools can then also
be installed on debian systems with the 'alien' program or someone more
ambitious can make a dpkg out of the source.  

that would be a good start for folks who want to put together their own
games.. finding out exactly what is available for them to create sounds
and graphics for their games.

-michael maher