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Re: Debuglevel stuff

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Ok, I added the debuglevel stuff. Well, actually I *replaced* the old
> ppDebug & Co with the debuglevel-aware ones. 
> This will eventually break some code.
> ppDebug () is now an alias for ppDebug1 (), i.e. the "highest priority"
> debug info dumper. I just left it in there because existing code would be
> broken for sure otherwise. But it's deprecated. Please use ppDebug1 () ..
> ppDebug5 () instead.

OK so from the looks of it, that won't break anything.

> time. I'm not completely sure I got it right (Adrian, can you have a look
> through it (PenguinPlay.h/ppUtils.cc), especially the ppThrow macro? Thx)

> The configure script now knows a new option: --enable-debug[=level]
> Default is Debuglevel 8 (maximum)
> The --enable-nodebug  option has been obsoleted by this. It's removed.