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Re: New directions with much less objectives (Was Re: Comments?)

Christian Reiniger writes:
 > BTW - are you subscribed to the GGI list again, Adrian? They have a pretty
 > interesting spec for libggi3d now.
Now I am.

 > >> What i mean is following: Lets say we have a class ppiInput that
 > >> represents keyboard (or mouse or joystick) input and where you can
 > >> receive messages about input events in any way. Instead of instancing it
 > >> once or using one global instance that represents the hardware itself i
 > >> would initialize it with a Drawable that can be displayed (i think a
 > >> ppgDevice in your hierarchy). So this means the input is always
 > >> initialized with drawables (things on screen). 
 > >> 
 > >Right... I think what you are talking about comes under the perview
 > >of the minimal GUI we have design, in such a case events can be received
 > >by windows.
 > Hmmm, *I* think he's talking about multiheading-like stuff, i.e. getting
 > the input from the correct set of devices associated with the correct
 > screen. But that will be quite easy with libggi/libgii (right,Marcus?)
This should be true.  A ppgGGIDevice is roughly one-to-one with a
GGI visual, and I beleive all this stuff is at this level (well, in
GGI *everything* is on the visual isn't it).  Anyway, moving ppgDevice
to be mearly ppDevice might be a really good idea, the only thing is
it will take a bit of work to make it work without introducing
unwanted dependencies between PPlay components.

 > PFile isn't that problematic concerning the API. Get your stdio docs and
 > read quickly over PenguinFile.h and you should know your way around.
 > You can also read through the (new ;) SGML docs

 > (/Documentation/PenguinFile/ in CVS; I also put an archive at
In my (now properly updated) CVS tree, Documentation/ has only
the perceps related Makefiles I wrote.