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PFile commits etc

Tonight (local time (GMT+1)) I'll commit my changes to src/PenguinFile.
That includes a change in the subdir structure 
(I removed src/PenguinFile/PakFile/ to make maintaining the Makefiles
easier), so be sure to do your next cvs update with "cvs update -PAd" or
you'll end up with a big mess ;)

The code compiles, but that's it. I have to do some cvs updating etc before
I continue - my tree is terribly out of sync.
The code includes everything needed for the internal PakFile management +

Note1: I added some data types to PenguinPlay.h : ppSizeT, ppTimeT and
ppOffsetT. They are mainly intended to make that 32/64 Bit thing in PFile
easier, but should be applicable in other areas too.

Note2: The ppAssert and ppThrow macros had some bugs preventing my code
from compiling. The committed version fixes this.

Note3: I have *not* changed the ppThrow behavior to what I proposed some
mails ago yet, but I will if nobody objects.
I'll also change the the exception constructors slightly to something nicer
for ppThrow usage (cosmetic, but well...), so please check your code. The
new model anyway proposes to use ppThrow () for *all* exception throwing.

Note4: ppThrow (fixed version) uses __STRING to convert __LINE__ (an
integer constant) to a string constant. AFAIK __STRING is GNU specific
though. So this is only a temporary fix. Most likely I'll change
ppException::_Line to an int. That also affects Exception constructors and
ppException::Line (). 


PS: Between wednesday and the weekend I'll be without 'net connection for
some days (disassembling/reassembling all computers here at home, setting
up a lan w/ a server(masquerading & everything else) and doing a
fresh install of Linux+W95 on my parents' computer. Big fun ;)