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Re: SB live hardware info

Christian Reiniger writes:
 > Sherman Mui wrote:
 > >Good idea, thanks. Does anyone know if the GSI project is
 > >still around? This may be helpful to them as well...
 > Jon Taylor, one of the Creative Linux driver writers, is a core ggi guy. If
 > Creative is really giving out specs, GSI will be one of the first to know ;)
 > But I don't know how much direct use this info would be for GSI and PPlay
 > since it's most likely at the hardware access level (i.e. for driver
 > writers), right?

This brings me to the strange thing.  Creative seem intersted in
us.  They emailed me, and I wrote to them describing our effort,
including an explanation that our stuff would be probably be too
high level to be of interest to a hardware company, but the guy
replied "sounds good, is there a list I can join".  I think they
are trying to contact everyone involved.  Whatever the reason,
I'm happy about it.

Parhaps we should forawrd this to the GGI list?