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Re: [Fwd: Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further]

Richard James wrote:

>> As for gsdk coordination - www.linuxgames.org was set up for this, but the
>> server has been down for quite some time now and the maintainer doesn't
>> answer to mails. We were almost finished with moving the site to
>> sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames when the person reorganizing the pages
>> disappeared too. Anyone remotely interested in taking one of these jobs
>> (PPlay/LGDC) *PLEASE* speak up!
>I am quite willing to do either or both jobs for you. I have been
>following this
>project since the beginning but have done nothing and if there is
>something I feel like I should do it is this.

Great. Which one - PPlay or LGDC? (I'd say you concentrate on one of
them. I made bad experiences with people trying to do too many things

>In order to do this job I need to know the source of the PPLAY info i.e.
>web sites
>and documention for the project and also how to put the info in
>linuxgames. Also how soon do you need it done I could probably do it
>within a week if can access the info and the new web site easily.

Accessing current websites:

The entire PPlay website is currently in CVS. If you're familiar with that
it would be easiest to get it that way (see the current homepage on how to
access the repository). If not, there's IIRC a snapshot on
ftp://sunsite.auc.dk/pub/os/linux/penguinplay/  (it's a bit older - but as
the website hasn't changed much recently that should be fine) If you don't
find it, just tell me.

With LGDC it's a bit more difficult. An old version of the site is at
It's one of the first versions and AFAIK all newer ones are lost :(
I don't know if the linuxgames ftp space is already set up (Ian?). If yes,
I can place you a tarball there.

Committing the new one:

For PPlay you'd have to talk to the sunsite staff about that. We decided to
move the homepage out of CVS (it's simply too unflexible for that), but I
don't know how it will be organized now. Most likely it will be similar to
the linuxgames setup where changing the homepage is simply a matter of
ftp'ing the new stuff to sunsite.


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