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Re: Guidelines? (And a quick note about the website)

One more thing i should ask is about the use of assembly, i'm a fairly
experienced assembler coder, but i am anything but adept at the AT&T syntax
(to be straight forward: i've never been able to get the blasted syntax to
work!) so would using NASM be a bad thing or what?

Derek Greene

At 11:38 PM 3/22/99 +0100, you wrote:
>The Greene Family wrote:
>>Are there any specific design guidelines I ought to follow? I'm going to
>If you're familiar with DocBook, please use that. If not, simple HTML is
>IMHO best. The style doesn't matter much as long as it's
>readable/well-structured etc
>>there is anything I should know.  One specific question, C or C++? I'd
>>prefer C++ but if the rest of the project uses predominantly C, then I'll
>>go with that.
>We mainly use C++, but some parts are more or less plain C for speed
>Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead
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