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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further

Christian Reiniger writes:
 > Nicholas Lee wrote:
 > >So I think the best things you could possible do:
 > >i) Take over the Sound team, which is enough work in itself.
 > >ii) get some of your friends to join in other empty slots in the project.
 > iii) Take care of the Input part. It has even more problems than sound.

Christof seems to be alive again, he seems to have some ideas on where
to go next, but doesn't have much time on his hands.  Anyone wanting
to work on input should contact him.

   Christof Buergi <cbuergi@access.ch>

> iv) Take care about the homepage. That would benefit PPlay propably most
 > right now.
Yep, this is the BIG thing.

 > v) Have a look at the existing code/designs and give comments
This is _always_ what we need.