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Re: New Linux Game SDK Project - Please Read This If Nothing Further

At 05:06 PM 3/23/99 +1000, you wrote:
>Christof seems to be alive again, he seems to have some ideas on where
>to go next, but doesn't have much time on his hands.  Anyone wanting
>to work on input should contact him.
>   Christof Buergi <cbuergi@access.ch>

I will contact Christof. I have alot of ideas for input, but I want to
focus my coding efforts more on sound for the time being.  I still want to
work on input though.

>Yep, this is the BIG thing.

Give me a CVS account to alter the page with and it can be considered done. :-)

>This is _always_ what we need.

Well, that's always something I love to do, :-) I enjoy optimizing code so
prolly get alot of comments that start like this:
"You know that part of it would be alot faster if...." or
"I can speed that function up 10x..." stuff like that (yes 10x is probably
a bit drastic, and an overstatement...."

Derek Greene