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Should have docs done tonight but...

I'm about to drop into Linux (I'm in winblows at the moment...family had
been using the computer playing some games - the only reason winblows is
stiill on this pc is games) and start hacking on API docs.  Hopefully they
will be done later tonight (I have the basic idea of what I want to do plus
i am a fairly fast typist :-), but when I'm done, where the heck do I post
them to for everyone to proof and give comments on? (It's going to be a
draft so don't expect perfection, but please don't be to critical either!)
I dont have RW access to the CVS account yet, so I can not
upload...speaking of which, is the webpage correct in stating Stephane
Peter is the CVS admin, and that is who I need to contact?  Thanks