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Re: Guidelines? (And a quick note about the website)

Well, I've only owned _ONE_ Intel CPU and it was a 386 sx 20 (geez, it
seems so long ago! looks how far we've come...ok I'll stop reminiscing).
It's been all AMD since then, I had thought about getting a P3 but when i
read about the serial number , and the fact that it was in P2s and they
didn't tell us...they guaranteed that I wouldn't ever be there customer
(the 386 I bought was used. :-)


At 05:03 PM 3/29/99 +1000, you wrote:
>What make my mind boggle is that at the time that descision was
>made, people were already using amounts of memory  in that order
>of magnitude. True, not on PC's but it was still well withing
>reach of Moore's law.  (And since it's Intel's fault....).