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Re: Do you like it? (was Re: Guidelines? (And a quick note aboutthe website))

The first assertion would be a better description yes.  But by API doc, i
meant it describes the API.  I will have a header file released, when the
features and everything else int hat file are agreed to.  Sooooo is
everyone agreed? :-)

At 09:11 PM 3/29/99 -0800, you wrote:
>The Greene Family wrote:
>> Does everyone agree to the new one?
>Is the document supposed to be a requirements specification?
>If so then it's just about there.
>> or are there any other issues we need to work out of
>> it? I'm open to anything :-)
>Since the document was entitled the API document, I was
>hoping to see an interface specification.  This would
>contain things like manifest constants, structure
>declarations and function prototypes.
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