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Re: sound header

You haven't seen the header file I have planned. :-)  Believe me, playlist
functions for soundfiles et cetera are already in the works!  At this
point, (until we get further down the road) wrappers for OSS and ALSA APIs
are the plans.  Define what you mean by streaming? Sorry, but, I've heard
so many people use that term so many different ways, I have to ask.  I am
going to work on prioritizing goals, that's why i've called a sound team
meeting. (i sent it to the sound list.)  Have I addressed all fo the
issues?  BTW, mixing, is already a must. It should go without saying.


At 01:11 AM 4/1/99 +0100, you wrote:
>On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, The Greene Family wrote:
>> Since I have not recieved any objections to the current plans, I will be
>> releasing a header file soon.  I have already been workin on mixer
>> functions (such as volume et cetera. )  I also have a couple people who
>> have contacted me about helping with sound, working on some things.
>I've been very busy.  Any way here are a few comments:
>> 1) Provide a shared library "driver" structure.
>Note the difference between layer P and layer O.  Initially it's better to
>leave sound card modules and nitty gitty hardware details to the kernel
>sound drivers. (alsa, oss, etc)
>Defining a well rounded Layer P API is the best first step.  PenguinPLay's
>position is more that to provide extended services for games, over that
>provided by the low level drivers.
>Maybe you should use more of a top down goal approach.  The goals should
>obviously be sort into core and long term desires. 
>ie We need some form of sound format streaming, tied in with the
>PenguinFile system.
>* Streaming and multi channel mixing: mod, midi, wav, mpg; at the least.
>* cd audio, with some user selectable options like: random, play list, etc
>* ....
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