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Re: Going away for a while.

s369625@student.uq.edu.au wrote:

>I thought I would make this anouncement well ahead of time.

Somehow I learned to hate that kind of sentence ... :(

>study mode, after that I will have about a week of hacking time
>before I go on a long holiday.   

Well, I hope you don't mean "long" as "up to 2^31 seconds" ;)

>really appreciate it if someone could take it over for me, either
>temporarily or permanently.  Could someone _please_ contact

Permanently? This doesn't sound like a standard "I'm out for a while"
thing. And it doesn't sound very Adrian-like either...

>A  toy release during the holidays would be a really great
>Christmas present.
>On a related matter, in order to prevent mailbox flooding while
>I am away, I plan to unsubscribe from the GGI list.  Warewolf
>is still subscribed isn't he?

I am. And I'll stay there (despite the fact that I have to gzip the oldest
2000 GGI mails from time to time to prevent my /home partition from
exploding ;)

Some related notes: I'm busy right now with setting up the LGDC
site/project, but that should relax the next days when the announcement is
released (BTW: the site is already at www.linuxgames.org - have a look at
it and bombard me and/or the LGDC mailing list with comments!).

After that I'll concentrate on making the PenguinFile system usable and as
soon as that is done I'll continue work on PenguinGUI, primarily checking
what pg2d features it needs. Perhaps I'll do some work on pg2d after that,
too. We'll see.

Well, ok. Good luck with your exams and have much fun afterwards (and write
us from time to time ;)


Drink wet cement. Get stoned.