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Re: Going away for a while.

s369625@student.uq.edu.au wrote:

>>Well, I hope you don't mean "long" as "up to 2^31 seconds" ;)
>No it doesn't, more in the order of 4x10^5 seconds.

Hmmm, 4x10^5s = 400000 s = 6666.67 min = 111.11 h = 4.63 d

You're sure that's right? Or did you mean 4x10^6 s ?

>Permanently means:
>	IF the new mainainer enjoys the job, they may keep it.  That will let

Ahhh, ok.

>me do some work on the event system.

... which is a very important area, too, yes.

>>After that I'll concentrate on making the PenguinFile system usable and as
>>soon as that is done I'll continue work on PenguinGUI, primarily checking
>>what pg2d features it needs. Perhaps I'll do some work on pg2d after that,
>>too. We'll see.
>_Someone_ please tinker with it.  I really don't want to see it stall while I am

Ok, Special offer for all lurkers: If anyone wants to tinker with it, I'll
join in and help immediately. Else it will have to wait until I have more

C'mon, that's *the* chance ;)

>Thanks.  And I will be writing to you.  If all else fails, Telnet and Pine are
>my freinds.  Thank god for the early days of Unix.

Oh yes, God knows how often these "archaic" and "primitive" tools helped me
way much...


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