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Re: Suggesstion

Xavier Plasencia wrote:

>Your philosophy about ugly and reliable is  really server mentality.  Game
>(consumer market) is more about flash.  If you do not agree look at all the
>games and top products.  Show me a best seller w/o good graphics.  How many

And more important - it has to be easy. Of course rpm and dpkg are both
easy to use in their own way, but Joeboy gamer doesn't want to have to type
"rpm -i /mnt/cdrom/kwake2001-main.rpm". And besides that - games are
usually not one single monolithic package. You usually can (and have to be
able to) choose:

* Installation size or
* what parts to install or copy to hdd 
* eventually where to install it (yes, I know about /opt/games/gamename)
* whether to automatically install required libraries (e.g. PPlay)
* whether to install them local for the game or global


This requires a dialog concept to be easy enough for Joeboy. Perhaps
(well, likely) this can be a frontent to rpm/dpkg.

>However I am not implying lets write crap but look good.  I am saying if we
>are going
>to write anything, lets make it work as good as it looks.

Yep. Free software is about having fun, but it's also about writing the
best software there is. Everything else comes way behind. Good concepts,
reliability etc are and will be the most important goals when a new free
product is developed. And reliability and a good interface are completely
independent from each other, i.e. having the one doesn't make archiving the
other more difficult.

>> >Not a lot of time of effort is spent on devloping API's for Installing a
>> >product.

You mean software like InstallShield, right? Software to make installation
for users easier.

>First RPM/DEB are a Linux thing... I thought this project spaned Linux ...
>maybe I was wrong

No. You're not. Linux is the primary platform, but that's all.

>I was not even suddgesting developing a whole new insall system, but
>possibly extenging the configuration /AutoMake, and just adding a GUI
>to it.

Automake etc are in a different league. They handle source configuration
and compilation - and everyone who can compile her SDK / Game herself also
has no problems with using rpm/dpkg

Hmmm, I don't think this is really in the scope of PenguinPlay as an
install system is something quite general, not limited to games. I think it
would be good to add this to the "Projects still needed" list on


Microsoft: What API do you have to use today?