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Re: Suggesstion

On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Xavier Plasencia wrote:

> You know I was thinking.  Although most of our effort goes into
> developing
> 2D, 3D engines, sound support, networking.
> Not a lot of time of effort is spent on devloping API's for Installing a
> product.
> One thing that would be nice if a Game developer wrote one install
> script.
> The install script would know what WM the user was using.  Then the Game

This is of course not just a PPlay issue but a Unix-wide one.

If we were doing this we would want a shell script.  And we would
want it to go snooping around the user's config files automagically,
and maybe an easy way for developers to generate the script.  I'm
thinking automake here.  A sort of configure-script-for-the-binary.
We it could use the autoconf base and be extended from there.
A system like this can then be scaled to offer smart uninstall with
or without a native package manager on the host,  package integrity
checking etc. all without toooo much effort from the package author.

Anyone interseted?