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Re: FileAccess: C or C++ ?

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>> C is more controllable (in terms of size and speed), but C++ makes it
>You sure about that.  If you just keep your head on you should not
>get into trouble.

No, I'm not sure - that's why I'm asking here. Thinking back, I actually
never profiled my code. I don't have any real experience with the speed
differences between C and C++.

>> What do you think?
>If you mean C. vs Implementation-in-C++-but-with-extern 
>"C"-interface.  I think it depends on what the implementor thinks
>is easier.  I think if I ever get around to doing the event system,
>I will do this C-impemented-in-C++ trick because I did two prototypes
>in pure C and they got pretty messy.  I'm too much of a spoiled-OO
>programmer I guess.

*grin* you expressed my feelings quite well.

I think the general opinion here is towards using C++ (without templates,
and carefully avoiding to call costly code). If there are no objections, I
think we can settle on that.


Daddy what does "FORMATING DRIVE C" mean?