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Re: File Access: cache-on-HDD, more

Adrian Ratnapala wrote:

>> Should we perhaps do a commercial meeting before 2000?

Yeah. The LGDC is announced, up and running (well, starting to run), so I
think we should concentrate on the commercial meeting now. I'll start a
discussion on the LGDC list.

>Hmm this bring me back to my winge about pg2d.  I'm going away in
>a week, so I doubt I will be able to find any mainainters to step
>in take over mainainance by then.  So much for my toy release.
>Instead I will take use this week to get as much of the toy release
>done as possible.  I feel it would be possible to release a tarball
>to the world before I go, even if it is nearly useless.  Hopefully
>this will be a step towards having actuall code to talk about.
>So engough talking about it, I had better restart my coding, after
>my long break.  

Apropos work - I'm committing a new, almost completely reworked version of
the PenguinFile Docs. The missing parts will be there monday or so. After
that I'll do some fleshing out of the implementation structure, then code a
basic usable version (i.e. something that can be used in the other PPlay
After that I'll concentrate on pg2d and PenguinGUI ('cause that's IMHO more
important now than a full-featured file access system).


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