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Upload of PenguinSound changes

I have uploaded a new version of PenguinSound to ftpspace in the file

I moved the include files from PenguinPlay/Sound to PenguinPlay and
removed the PenguinPlay/Sound directory.

I added very simple Thread and Mutex classes supporting both pthreads
and windows threads.

I have removed the windows directory. The MSVC workspaces and projects
are now organised as below.


PenguinFile.dsp does not build correctly as I am unsure of the libraries
and preprocessor definitions that it uses.

When I built my module player using the new version of PenguinSound
I get warnings about redefinitions of PACKAGE and VERSION as the
configuration header for PenguinPlay is included from
PenguinPlay/PenguinPlay.h and my module player also uses 
automake/autoconf with a configuration header.

I also added an acconfig.h for the stuff that was commented out 
in configure.in and uncommented the commented stuff.

Peter Burns