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Re: PFile compiles again

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> PenguinFile compiles again here. PSound gives me at least one error.

I get a few warnings but no errors for PSound. The warnings are
complaining about me not returning stuff for the Sequencer since I
haven't completed all the code for that yet. There are also some
warnings complaining about negative values given to bit shifts but they
shouldn't matter since the code should never be reached when the values
are negative.

libpfile.la if it is in noinst_LTLIBRARIES but I can build it if it is

I can build both libpfile.la and libpsound.la but have problems building

I get this message:

libtool: link: libtool library `libpenguinplay.la' may not depend on
uninstalled libraries: PenguinFile/libpfile.la PenguinSound/libpsound.la

Peter Burns