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I couldn't build libpenguinplay.la using libpfile.la and libpsound.la.
I can build it by modifiy the automake rules to

libpenguinplay_la_LIBADD = PenguinFile/*.lo \

I ran into problems with Factory.h.

MSVC complains about using internal::AbstractFactory saying that it
a template argument list or something. So I just moved the whole lot out
of the internal
namespace, but I think there are some problems with that as well.

I have fixed up Esd and SampleAF so that PenguinSound can be compiled
without support for them.

I decided to add a SampleWav class and eventually add support for
windows Audio Compression Manager. The class currently has some support
for pcm (including stereo support) , dvi adpcm , ulaw and alaw but I
haven't gotten around to doing the acm support yet.

Peter Burns