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Re: Busy weekend

> Sorry for being so quiet, but I'm *very* busy this weekend. Hopefully I'll
> have some time for PP again at monday or tuesday.
The same situation here (hopefully some time monday or tuesday). You try
memorizing 100+ words in a language that makes zero sense to you, then
put those words together in some combination that will convey the
meaning of a story written in this language, when you didn't get the
story. On top of that, make that a realtime application. Ahhhh!!!!

I'm thinking of making an OS named
FoolThatTeacherIntogivingYouAGoodgradeYouReallyDon'tDeserve. Amoral-A is
the short version. The way I imagine it, it would have these features:

-Is programmed in suchs a way that, when running, it is impossible for
anyone not themselves running Amoral-A to detect its presense.

-Removes the StudyHard version 10^26, GetWorking version 10^235 and
MoralityCircuit version 0.0.-1 from the harddisk.

-Is multitasked in suchs a way that it will appear to any client not
running Amoral-A that the StudyHard and GetWorking processes are running
exclusively and with the higest priority, while the reality is that
instances the GoneToLinuxInstallFest and IsPlayingQuake programs are the
only processes Amoral-A is capabable of running at any priority higher
than -20. The MoralityCircuit program is never tested anyway, so no need
to handle that special case.

-Is completely imune to the dangerous denial of service attacks that
programs suchs as OverZealousTeacher and GetAGripAndDoYouHomework can
carry out.

-Is completely imune to any kind of virus. Some people will notice that
Amoral-A will lose this imunity on strangely exactly the days where
there is a test, and actually self-infect in most cases. This is
completely coincidental.

Ummhhh. I think I really need this. Anybody want to help?

-a little while later-

Umh... That didn't take nearly as long as I expected it to. Installing
it now... Done. This is cool! anybody want to play Quake?

> Hostile intrusion detected
> Attacker identified: GetAGripAndDoYourHomework
> Bug in kernel-code, unable to do anything (guess I shouldn't have based it on the Win2000 source)
> "Your system has been taken over!"
> -evil laugher-
> Removing Amoral-A from system
> Installing StudyHard and GetWorking
> booting

Ahh! I don't have time for this! I should be doing my homework! See you
in a couple of years!