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Re: NEW logo for penguinplay

Lu Max wrote:

>my names Scott A. Maxwell (3d/2d artist) i saw your
>site and the message that you needed a logo ;so i
>whipped these models up and here ya go..i hope it

<looking> Way cool!
A bit too "aggressive" for a game library logo IMHO (it would fit very well
for LinuxQuake), but the "PenguinPlay" part is just a dream and the penguin
models are the best I've seen so far.

Mailing list members, what do you think about it?

Anyway, it will get a good spot on the homepage :)

>game use??) as well as a highres mesh so if your
>project needs these penguin characters posed for other
>pictures in the future feel free to drop me a email.

Well, I don't think anyone of us owns 3DSMax (or something comparable), but
I'm pretty sure we'll get back on you nevertheless.

Many Thanks!


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