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Re: new logo revisions

Lu Max wrote:

>heres three new choices based on a similar theme
>for a more reserved logo design.
>all three of these images can be further optimized for
>faster download on the site.

Great. I created a "Gallery" page on the website and placed the stuff there.

I like the angle-of-view and the darkish look of #2, but the binary
overlay of #3 is also cool. What about taking #2, zooming out a bit (so
that there's more "free space" in the left part) and overlaying the left
half with LibPenguinPlay's main header file (attached) instead of the binary
And putting some game scene on the computer screen might be cool as well
(to strengthen the reference to games again). Perhaps that part from your
first design (although that doesn't fit too well to the flight/driver


PS: Are you interested in helping with the art for some free games? There's
currently (or was a few days ago) a discussion on the LGDC mailing list
about the shortage of talented artists in free game projects...


Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead
/* Main header of LibPenguinPlay
 * Authors: Adrian Ratnapala <a.ratnapala@mailbox.uq.edu.au>
 *          Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de>
 * License: See the accompanying file LICENSE
 * Last change by $Author: creinig $
 * on             $Date: 1999/11/24 16:26:58 $
 * to             $Revision: 1.2 $

#ifdef _MSC_VER
#  pragma once    /* speeds up compilation */
#  pragma warning(disable: 4290) /* don't warn at exception specifications */


#if defined (_WIN32) || defined (WIN32)
#  include <PenguinPlay/ppconfig_win32.h>
#  include <PenguinPlay/ppconfig.h>

#include <PenguinPlay/defines.h>
#include <PenguinPlay/types.h>
#include <PenguinPlay/debug.h>      // only needed while building the lib

#  include <PenguinPlay/exceptions.h>
#  include <PenguinPlay/utility.h>  // only needed while building the lib

#endif /* _PENGUINPLAY_H */