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Re: PenguinPlay IRC meeting (The big one)

Steffen Seeger wrote:

>> >someone from the PenguinPlay project contacted me some time ago
>> >to participate on a meeting with industry-officials to learn
>> >about their needs in a game API. This was planned around 
>> >beginning of September. Any news (exact date/time/location) on that?
>> We're doing some major reorganization of our projects, so that meeting will
>> have to be delayed a bit (late September seems to be realistic). Please see
>> http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/irc-meetings/irc-22-aug-1998.html
>> for details - it's too much to explain here.
>Well, any news on the big IRC meeting?

Well, yes - and no ;) The news is that it is delayed further, without an
estimation on the "when" this time. This is more or less the current "plan":

* Get the Linux Game Development Center Homepage (the current working
version is on a temporary site: http://games.tudols.com/) into a somehow
representative state (1-4 weeks)

* As soon as this is done, post an announcement of it to Slashdot or
Freshmeat and some newsgroups. We hope this will bring us much more
attention - and with that many more desperately needed developers.

* code, code, code. In other words: make the game SDKs (or at least their
major parts) actually usable. Not neccessarily a "final", but usable.

* Post an editorial on Linux Game Development to gamasutra.com, containing
the invitation to The Big Meeting about 2 weeks later.

* The Big Meeting

* cheer about the overvhelming mass of positive reactions from the
commercial people ;)

While this "plan" is much slower than the older one(s), it's in our opinion
The Right Thing To Do (TM) ;)


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